Photography Workshops 

I love teaching people how to use their cameras and organizing workshops, but they take quite a bit of planning and just the right location and subjects.  I am taking a bit of a hiatus from organizing workshops for 2016.  I will resume again in 2017. 

On the other hand, you would like to have me come to your farm or stable and teach a small workshop, drop me a line to see what we can work out.  I also give private lessons.


Photography Workshops for 2014

July 7, 2014   Wild Turkey Workshop has concluded

What a great day for my second photography workshop at Wild Turkey Farm.  We had a few sprinkles and cloudy, misty skies in the morning, clearing to a lovely summer day photographing mares, foals and stallions in the beautiful fields at the farm. 

The horses of course were fantastic, with the farm looking beautiful.  Thank you Barbara Boothe Ellison for graciously hosting us. Stacie Burgess for bringing us lunch and to the participants for being such great students.



June 28th 2014  

A Day with the Horses at Wild Turkey Farm 


We've been invited back this year for another fine day at this beautiful farm.                  Scheduled for June 28 when the foals are all on the ground.   Classroom time as well as opportunities to photograph the beautiful Holsteiner horses at this world class private breeding farm.   All levels of expertise welcome. Format will be tailored to the amateur hobbyist and will be a bit changed from last year.                                              

Cost: $160. for the day. Lunch included

To reserve a spot in this workshop payment must be received by June 15th.  Please contact in advance to be sure that there is room. 

You can pay for this workshop online:



If you would like to hold a Mary Cornelius Photography Workshop in your own area, contact me for details.  We might be able to put something together!

If you would like to be on the mailing list for future workshops and learning opportunities, drop me a line




Photography Workshops for 2013 have concluded.

Photography Workshop  Horses under saddle and at liberty.  October 12, 2013  Saturday  Shelburne Farms near Issaquah, WA   

This workshop is completed.  Thank you participants and horse owners and especially Karen Petty and Siggi Wolff for inviting and hosting me.  I had a great time! I saw lots of great photos from our participants. 

This workshop is geared towards intermediate and advanced amateurs to aspiring pros.  A digital DSLR camera with telephoto lens is required.  Participants will shoot in manual mode.  If you have never done this, please familiarize yourself with how your camera works (which buttons do what)  It is always a good idea to study the operators manual that came with your camera.  Shooting in manual mode opens up a whole new world of creativity and expertise.  

 We will learn more about photographing dressage horses and horses at liberty at a very private and beautiful facility.  Shelburne Farm has a wonderfully designed and constructed barn and arena and beautiful grounds as well as several lovely horses for subject matter.  

Inquiries about the details of what to expect or material being covered, equipment questions etc can be emailed to Mary Cornelius.      

A registration form will be made available soon. All registrations will go through Siggi Wolff.   




Two Photography Workshops Summer of 2013

Saturday  July 27th    Afternoon - Sunset

This workshop is completed.   Thank you participants, models, costumers and Kim Vickrey and Marie Cobb for a wonderful afternoon and evening of photography! 


 at Narnia Farm, Aurora OR

Workshop Leaders: Mary Cornelius & Kimberly Vickrey

This workshop is geared towards serious amateurs and
professional photographers wanting to hone their skills
and bring home new perspective and vision for Horse and human portrait photography.
Horses Models, Costumes
Participants will be guided in photographing and working
with horse and human models in a variety of poses and
costumes. It will be a day to be immersed in an experience
of creativity, inspiration, hands on learning and just plain
fun.   We have some wonderful subject matter that should
thrill you!  Weather permitting, we will be setting up in outdoor settings.  

Photoshop Session
Learn tips and tricks with Photoshop the king of editing software 
We will be working on enhancing your images and helping them bloom into something special.

Whether you are a professional portrait photographer or
just wanting to take better photographs of people and horses
this workshop will raise your skills and give a boost to your
creativity.  We plan on making it FUN.

Kimberly Vickrey is a professor of graphic art at Arkansas State University and an acclaimed fine art photographer using horses and people as her main subject matter. 

Mary Cornelius is a veteran equestrian photojournalist and fine art photographer. 

Tuition:   By July 10th $225.  After July 10th $275.
Registration form:



June 1 

One day intensive workshop for amateur hobbyists

at Wild Turkey Farm.  Wilsonville Oregon

This workshop is concluded.  What a success!  Thank you!